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Published October 2021 

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Marika's Best Laid Plan

Meet Marika, a social worker trying to heal her drug addict clients, but she can’t seem to mend her damaged self. Reeling from her mother’s suicide, she avoids love because love sits too close to death. Her choice has left her carefully ordered life a lonely, disconnected one.


Everything is about to change when Marika runs into her former fiance as she tries to rekindle that misbegotten relationship. A new psychiatrist at the clinic further complicate her life. Big hearted, quirky, emotionally walled off Marika embarks on a plan that ultimately forces her to confront the very thing she's avoided: love. 


Poignant and teeming with insights into human nature, Marika's Best Laid Plan is a story about the power of connection and hope – the things without which life is unbearable. 

Illustration by Emma Halpern

Published 2016

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A Quartet in Love

In the provincial town in New York that houses Fallbrook College, the lives of five people collide in unexpected ways.

New students, professors, and their significant others tumble headfirst into the elations and catastrophes of love in the 1970s. Rachel is a naïve freshman who finds first love and learns some hard lessons not taught in her classes. Deirdre is a housewife in her early thirties who is bored out of her mind, dissatisfied with her marriage, and wondering if an affair might be just the thing she needs. Professor Armand is married to Deirdre, yet as he approaches forty, he becomes more and more dissatisfied and disillusioned with his life. Ernest is a serious young professor who can barely handle living up to his own standards. All four lives become intertwined as they seek love in their own misguided ways.

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